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How self service kiosk good for business

Update Time:10-22-2013

We live in an era that is highly dependent on technology for the simplest of functions. Taking the lead on this trend toward greater automation, self service kiosks have gained immense popularity as a means of offering greater efficiency and flexibility in the services that they provide. As a result, kiosks are a boon for both the business owner and customer.

Benefits to business owners

Self service kiosks add value to businesses by providing better methods for accessing information and capturing data. A few of the benefits of kiosks to businesses are as follows:

Staffing cost reduction

Because kiosks have the ability to empower your customers to accomplish many of their tasks and needs on their own, a business owner can streamline their staffing with regards to these more simplistic tasks. For many businesses that carry a large amount of low-level support staff, this automation can result in a substantial staffing cost savings.

Data analysis

Data is a crucial for managing past business transactions, monitoring monthly or annual consumer trends and also forecasting future sales projections and staffing needs. Because kiosks utilize computers to handle customer interactions and transactions, detailed data tracking software can be integrated into the kiosk system to offer extensive data collection and management. In addition, kiosks can be customized so that the data collection and management systems can be easily integrated into a business's existing data tracking systems.

Minimal maintenance required

Maintenance requirements of self service kiosks are a bare minimum. These kiosks are durable, reliable, and long-lasting. In addition, the best kiosk manufacturers offer extended warranties to ensure that your investment in digital technologies will have a long life.

Benefits to customers

While businesses profit from the advantages of using self service kiosks, there are also many benefits to customers, including:

Improved access to information

Because kiosks are available to customers on an as-needed basis, it provides customers a readily accessible environment to find the information they need. In addition, kiosks can be configured to accommodate ADA accessibility requirements to offer even greater flexibility in how the information can be accessed.

Interactive assistance

Many businesses also integrate a real-time chat component into their kiosk systems to allow for instant customer service. This allows the customer to have a flexible experience where they can either utilize the kiosk systems on their own, or they can rely on online chat support to guide them through the products or services provided on the kiosk. The chat functionality of kiosks is one of its unique selling points.


Some customers may not always be comfortable discussing their shopping preferences with a live store assistant. With self service kiosks, customers can browse through the product catalog on the kiosk in a more private environment and can complete their transaction without requiring human interaction.

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