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Transforming the customer experience with retail kiosks

Update Time:10-23-2013

The customer is at the forefront of any retail business. A satisfied customer leads to loyalty, which results in maximized sales. Meeting the consumer's expectations is an important focus for retailers and self-service technology is transforming the customer experience for the better.

In today's hectic lifestyle, consumers are looking for the next best automated service that makes their lives a bit easier. According to the 2012 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, two-thirds of consumers would pay more for a more superior customer experience .

Customer control

Desiring more control in aspects of their everyday lives, consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with touchscreen technology. Self-service kiosks now give the customer control over their buying decisions and overall experience. Shoppers can independently manage their time and process their purchases, with the option of asking a member of staff for help.


Personalization is turning into a necessary component in customer experience. It is in the retailers' interest to create a personalised experience by accommodating for consumer's every changing preferences and desires. With retail kiosks supporting loyalty schemes, members can now gain greater access to exclusive deals and offers, using their loyalty cards.

Accessible information

Information such as pricing or availability is made readily available with a kiosk in place. Customers are now able to use in-store kiosks to browse and review a full product range, with the opportunity to order online. Instant ordering gives customers the freedom of choice with the reassurance that their purchase will be on time and accurate.

Convenience, speed and ease

One of the biggest bugbears of shopping is queuing. Automated checkouts have dramatically reduced queues and waiting times for customers, which has enhanced the retail experience. Kiosks also accelerate processes such as payment that save time and make tasks less stressful. On-the-go shoppers desire systems that are efficient, easy and simple to use from beginning to end. 40 percent of companies believe that simplicity is the key to creating a successful multi channel customer experience.

Self-service kiosks are the optimal solution to satisfy customers, enhance the shopping experience and gain loyalty. Augmenting complex and time-consuming processes within a retail environment can be beneficial for all parties. Self- service kiosks have changed the way retailers create positive experiences for customers; from the moment they walk through the door to the point of purchase.

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