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  1. We are a professional Custom Kiosk manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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Custom made self service payment kiosk

Free standing touch screen kiosk.
Slim and smart design.
With card reader and receipt printer.
Customizable functions.

Tailor made desktop information kiosk with stainless keyboard

User Friendly Coutertop Kiosk with card reader
Anti-vandal, waterproof, dustproof
Easy maintenance
Custom design available

Custom made wall mounted touchscreen interactive information kiosk

Space saving wall mount kiosk
With metal trackball keyboard
Free mounting in public places
Customizable functions and logo

Custom made digital signage kiosk for presentation

Slim design free standing digital signage.
Different sized display optional.
Multi-touch screen.
Customizable logo and color

Custom dual screens free standing multimedia kiosk

Dual displays multimedia kiosk
Cost-effective & convenience
User-friendly; easy to maintenance
High stability & reliability

Custom ticket vending / payment kiosk

Cost-effective & convenience
7x24hrs running
User-friendly, easy to maintenance
High stability & reliability

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